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What you’ll need:

  • brown twine covered wire (you can get at Michael’s)
  • floral tape
  • duct tape
  • tin snips (go look in your husbands tool box)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • flowers
  • fillers (greenery, leaves)

Step 1- Take the wire and loop it around your head, or whoever it is for. Double it so you have two loops. Have it so it isn’t too tight, but not too loose so that its falling in front of your eyes.

Step 2- Tape the two end together so that you have a circle with two circles of twine.

Step 3- Starting in the middle of the crown (like where the front of the crown will be on your head), begin adding your flowers through the gap between the two loops. I would only do 3 “feature” flowers, and the rest greenery with buds. But if you want a big and full crown, use more flowers.

Step 4- Once you are sure that is where you want the flowers, hot glue them down.

Step 5- Start filling it with greenery. Play around with it, add some, take some away, it takes awhile, but once you start playing it should come together.

Step 6- That’s basically it! Use your hot glue gun when you think you need it, use your floral tape when you think you need it. Just play with it and burn your fingers a bit!


– Use the most realistic looking flowers you can find

– Use more greenery than flowers (they make it look more realistic)

– Try and find buds to add in to it

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