Went to Jasper to get some maternity pictures taken. Nothing fancy, just Dane and me and his photo taking skills. He’s the coolest dude in town and is always down for my crazy photo shoots I make him do. I figure it makes up for the countless hours he spends on kijiji looking at motorcycles, dirt bikes, quads, and even snowmobiles. There was even a few weeks where he was obsessed with looking at puppies. Like as if I wouldn’t notice a puppy. Oh Dane, you’re a gem. I’m truly grateful for your support and the fact that you aren’t afraid to tell my to stick my chin out further so I don’t look like a gremlin with a double chin…. which is getting harder and harder to do these days. You’re my best friend and the best guy to put up with my firecracker personality. Thanks for this lovely day in Jasper, despite me thinking I was going into labour. You handled it quite well… despite going white in the face and clammy hands and asking if I was OK every 5 minutes. Basically, Jasper might be one of my favourite places in the world, and it’s even better when you’re with your favourite person.

Dress and denim jacket are from Anthropologie


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  1. Laurie-Anne says:

    Love this, love the photos, love you, love Dane

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