IMG_3134I had my baby shower last weekend. It only took me 4 months to plan:) No, but seriously… I started making those tissue flowers in January. I even ordered the peach coloured tissue paper off of etsy. Dane if you’re reading this… I’m sorry. I totally lied. That tissue paper was not from the dollar store. And if we’re telling truths… that dress I bought a few weeks ago? Also not from Value village. It was from anthropologie. Not that you believed me anyways, but still….

Anyways, this baby shower. I think I kinda went DIY crazy and overt the top everything because I wanted to. HA! I dunno… Pinterest became a “thing” after I got married, so my wedding was all DIY, but now with the world of Pinterest helping guide it. Like, lime green bridesmaid dresses? I’m sorry to my bridesmaids. I made you look like Shrek and Fiona. But in fairness, I’ve always been one to make everything myself. I wanna be in control of everything. I learned that when I was planning my wedding. My name is Claudia, and I’m a control freak. Like I get anxious watching Dane cook. Garlic powder? Sure! And we might as well throw in some paprika and cumin in there too. He NEVER follows a recipe. He looks at a recipe only to see what he can change. We’re polar opposites in that sense. So long story short… I made most of everything at this shower. And I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Dane however, did not. There was tissue paper scraps and fake flower petals everywhere since January. I love him. He let me be the nutty DIYer I wanted to be, with only 6 to 8 complaints per day. Which is pretty good.

Thank you to my lovely friend Afton who was just as excited for this shower as I was. Thank you for being the crazy aunty who bought this little one just as much clothes as I have. Thank you for all the pins you sent me on Pinterest, even though I knew you had no intention of touching a glue gun. Thank you for helping set everything up. Thank you for standing in line for over an hour to get the macarons from the duchess. But mostly, thank you for just genuinely being excited for me, and for this babe, and for this shower. Xoxo.

To my Momma. I definitely did not get my DIYness from you. I got my firecracker personality from you. (Poor dad and Dane). But thank you anyways for trying to glue hundreds of coffee filters together to make flowers while Barca was playing. I know it was painful to not fully give Lionel Messi your attention. Don’t worry, they won anyways. Thanks for helping with absolutely everything. And to the people who were wondering if she was actually my mom, and not my sister? I promise she’s my mom. You haven’t seen her “mom” face when we were little. Or have you ever snuck out your window at 16? I did. She’s definitely my mom. But I agree with you too, she’s beautiful. Maybe I’ll get lucky and look like her when I grow up:)

See all these amazing pictures? I didn’t take them. My friend Melissa from did. She’s the best. And she totally gets my style and loves a good DIY. Like when I met her, she literally said “DIY is my middle name.” Thanks to Melissa for being so willing to take these for me, and for being good at it. Also, for the adorable moccasins. I’m in love. Go check out her blog:)

Thank you to EVERYONE for coming and making me feel like I’m this glowing, radiant pregnant woman with the cutest little bump. I know you’re all just liars. Trust me, I have a mirror. But thanks for all the warm wishes, hugs, and for just being here, I truly had a great day and loved having you here.

To all my friends who brought food, or volunteered to bring something, again, I know I was a bit of a space case that day, but thank you SO much. I loved the dip (Julie! PS- people were still talking about it after you left), Meliss, your punch was amazing, and clearly my mom thought your dispenser was the coolest. And your cute veggie cups, my dad and Dane both thought that was pretty genius. I mostly ate your fruit dip with a spoon;) Barb, for you banana punch and squares… I don’t think you’ve ever made something I haven’t loved though. (Maybe rare roast beef, but that was Rick’s request, haha!) Brooklyn!! Your cupcakes! My dad legit said “I hate cupcakes, but I ate 3 of the ones at your shower.” When people asked if I had made them, not gonna lie… I totally contemplated saying “why yes. yes I did.” Jenna, your cheesecake only had one slice left over, and that’s because I hid it in the fridge for me to eat later that night. And that’s the truth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to you all. You’re a pretty neat bunch to have in my life:) And pretty soon, little bean in my tummy will have you all too.

Love, me.




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  1. Laura says:

    Prettiest baby shower I’ve ever seen! You’re hired for every future events!

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