1). English is my second language

2). I can speak 2 languages (Spanish and English)

3.) I’m married to my high school sweetheart

4). I love to travel, and have been to 14 countries

5). I have an irrational fear of my collar bone being touched

6). I love the water

7). My favourite movie is The Count of Monte Cristo

8). I collect cookbooks

9). I love to cook and bake

10). I am a DIY fanatic

11). I love the mountains

12). My favourite flower is a peony

13). I can’t whistle

14). I used to be a massage therapist

15). I was a lumberjack 2 summers ago and chainsawed trees with my best friend

16). I can do a handstand

17). Favourite song is “country roads” by John Denver

18). I could eat chicken fingers everyday (I know… that’s what children order).

19). I have one younger brother

20). I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket

21). I’ve never been hospitalized

22). My birthday is on the longest day of the year

23). I love to read and I reread books all the time

24). My favourite food is my husbands ribs

25). I have no tattoos or piercings

26). I hate ugly feet (go cut your flipping toenails people!!)

27). I always start my diets and workout plans on a Monday

28). I always quit my diets and workouts by Tuesday

29). I love lace and gold spray paint

30). I love boho

31). I enjoy photography

32). I am forever buying unnecessary little trinkets

33). I still can’t figure out which way North or South is (I swear it’s a girl thing… sorry to the girls who actually know)

34). Technically, I don’t know which way East or West is either

35). Every cheesecake I’ve made has been a fail

36). My pie is probably better than your grandma’s though

37). I love canning (basically I’m a grandma in a 28 year old body)

38). Fish and seaweed DO NOT freak me out like it does with 99% of women

39). Mice however……..

40). I saved a calf once in the middle of the night with my friend (It was more like 10:00 pm and Dane did all the work)

41). I saved a moose calf last spring (Again, Dane did all the work, I recorded and freaked out over the mom coming)

42). I saved a baby crow that fell out of it’s nest (Dane did all the work and pretty sure a cat ate him after cuz he fell out again)

43). I don’t cry in movies. Period.

44). I actually like McDonald’s

45). I hate steak

46). I like brussel sprouts and beets

47). I love coke (the drink, and yes, I’m aware it’s bad for me)

48). I always have gum and lip balm with me ( I got your back)

49). I own 4 pairs of Birkenstocks and liked them before they were cool

50). I do crossfit (That’s a lie, but I couldn’t think of another “fact” about me. Here’s one- I’ve never done crossfit in my life)

Peace out homies


2 Comments on 50 Facts about me

  1. Kristy says:

    I always start my diets on Monday’s too! ?

  2. Claudia says:

    Haha, you probably last longer than I do though!

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